Season 7 – Episode 22 – “Tomorrow”

Episode Summary:

Santos and his staff prepare for the inauguration as Bartlet and his team look back on their years in the White House. Series Finale.


Previously on The West Wing: I’m gonna need another cop when Bartlet leaves office.
Secretary of State? I’m not asking you if you’d consider it, Arnie, I’m asking you to do it.
So presidential pardons.
‘Tis the season, right? The DOJ and the Pardon Attorney are reviewing applications but I don’t think anybody’s had an opportunity Is Toby on a list somewhere? For a moment, I thought you came because you gave a crap and wanted to see how I was doing.
You don’t need a pardon, just a frying pan to the side of your head.
– I don’t want a pardon.
– Well, that simplifies matters, thanks.
It promises to be a cold and windy day here at the Capitol.
As predicted, 140,000 spectators crowd the Capitol mall to watch Matthew Santos take the oath of office as the next president of the United States.
It’s the end of an era, as President Bartlet steps down after eight tumultuous years in the Oval Office.
President Bartlet’s popularity can certainly help Matthew Santos in this tight electoral race It’s gonna be cold on that dais today.
Who in his right mind decided that January would be the best time of year to hold an outdoor ceremony north of the equator? Jefferson.
They should’ve lined them up and shot them.
– That’s what King George had in mind.
– January 20th? – They got a few things right.
– Habeas corpus, sure.
Freedom of speech but separation of powers, what a crock.
You did a lot of good, Jed.
A lot of good.
– Pearls or the gold cross? – Gold cross.
You don’t think it makes me look like Mary Magdalene? Gold cross.
– What are you wearing? – Long underwear.
– You look bulky.
– Lou doesn’t want me to wear an overcoat when I take the oath.
– It’s gonna be 10 below out there.
– Youth.
Vitality – Frostbite? – Never too early to think re-elect.
That was a short honeymoon.
I’m gonna go with the pearls.
– Mr.
– Good morning, Bram.
The National Security Advisor and McLean are here.
– Then we run through today’s schedule.
– Yeah, I’ll be right down.
Do you notice how he just knocks and walks right in? I know, honey.
I’ll talk to him about it.
We’re gonna have to figure out some kind of signal when we want privacy.
Like a necktie on the doorknob.
– General McLean, huh? – Yeah.
He’s gonna give me the card with the nuclear codes.
– It’s a card? Really? – So I’ve been told.
– Better not leave that laying around.
– Oh, God.
Come on, it will be an adventure.
It’s what you told me when you wanted to run for city council and I didn’t want you to: “Come on it’ll be an adventure.
” Perfect.
The Weather Service issued an ice-storm warning for Southern New England.
– Anything we can do? – Send them some salt? Pardon Attorney needs the signature on the clemency warrants.
– The president decided on the final list? – Last night.
Thirty-six pardons, Anybody gonna set the press’s hair on fire? – Peggy Ann Green.
– Pot-Pushing Peggy.
– It’s medicinal.
– I bet the first joint’s free.
– Well, DEA isn’t gonna be happy.
– Morning, sunshine.
Chief Usher’s waiting for you and Will’s already in there.
Big ice storm in New England, up to a quarter inch accumulation on the ground.
– Send them salt.
– Mallory called.
– Wants to drop by in about an hour.
– Leo’s Mallory? Said she has something she wants you to pass on to the president.
– You ready for Curtis? – Sure.
Write your note for the flak jacket? Don’t know any useful advice to pass on.
It’s tradition.
You can’t break the chain.
Just make it funny.
Got a pardon list? Fourth estate’s chomping at the bit.
– Last night.
– Anybody gonna add a little spice to my final briefing? – Peggy Ann Green.
Granny Pot.
Hot diggity dog.
A final act of self-immolation before the hungry hordes.
– You sound positively giddy.
– I was reaching for more like delight.
You enjoy being a human piniata on C-SPAN? Never know what you’ve got till it’s gone.
Chief Usher, what can we do for you? I thought I should take a moment to remind you of today’s schedule for the removal of the Bartlets’ things from the building.
As soon as the president and first lady leave for the Capitol 90 of my staff will begin packing the Bartlets’ possessions.
Precisely at noon, 16 moving vans will line up at the South Portico.
And an additional 30 staff members will arrive at the West Wing to pack the Oval Office.
After Mass at Holy Trinity, come back here before heading to the White House for a reception with the president, first lady and the JCCIC.
– JCCIC? – Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies.
– Hence the acronym.
Following the reception the president-elect and the president will travel to the Capitol for the swearing-in in a single limousine.
– Mrs.
Bartlet and I gonna hitch? – Hike up that skirt.
You’ll do fine.
The president and the first lady will then be escorted to the podium.
You and Mrs.
Santos are taken through the Capitol to be introduced.
Ronna? Sellner will deliver the remarks, followed by the invocation followed by Keb’ Mo’ and Gloria Estefan.
– I’m looking forward to that.
– You’re not gonna be wearing pantyhose.
Followed by a poetry reading by Jimmy Santiago Baca.
Then at noon exactly, you take the oath of office.
Followed by a 21 -gun salute and the playing of “Hail to the Chief.
” In case you weren’t feeling important after they gave you the launch codes.
– You then give your inaugural address.
After, you will escort the Bartlets to the limo that will take them to Andrews for their trip.
Do I get to start governing anytime in here? Soon as you take the oath of office, we start moving staff into the West Wing.
Do we really have to go to nine parties? You only have to stay for 20 minutes.
One dance, shake hands, on to the next.
– What kind of dance? – What’s your favorite song? I’ll sneak it.
I’m not dancing to “You Can Leave Your Hat On.
” – Sir, we should really head to the church.
– Let’s get it on.
We’re to leave our credentials at the front desk when we exit the building.
They’ve asked that we vacate our parking spaces by 2 p.
– Not a problem.
I walked today.
– Really? – Yes, I often walk.
– You do? Sometimes I walk.
I’ll walk a lot more when I get back to California.
– Los Angeles being a pedestrian nirvana.
– That was disappointing.
– What was? – See my final briefing? – No.
– Didn’t push back on Pot-Pushing Peggy.
– Must be heartbroken.
There’s a train derailment in New England.
– The ice storm? – Just came over on CNN.
– Got a minute? – Apparently, I’m good until 2.
Then I gotta move my car.
Pardon Attorney brought the warrants for the president to sign.
He called her early this morning.
Asked her to add a name.
It’s the last one.
You may get your wish for a final pasting on national television.
Morning, sir.
– Good morning, Mr.
– Morning.
– How are you feeling? – Unemployed.
Lot of that going around the building.
McNally is waiting to give you your security briefing.
You asked me to remind you to write a note to the president-elect.
And Ms.
Cregg is anxious to speak with you.
– Mr.
President? – Hey, all.
– You heard about this ice storm in? – New England.
The storm caused a train derailment.
On Amtrak’s regional route between Portland, Maine and Boston.
– Any fatalities? – Thirteen injuries so far.
The worst is a badly broken leg.
With the weather, we’ll need emergency rescue before everybody freezes.
– Sounds like a state matter.
– Normally, yes.
It’s between the Exeter and Haverhill stops.
Known as the New Hampshire- Massachusetts border.
The governors are fighting.
Sidley says it’s New Hampshire’s.
Wilkins says it’s a Massachusetts issue.
– Get the governor on the phone.
– Which governor, sir? Whichever you can get on the line first.
Should we nationalize the Guard, sir? Send in units? Don’t you think that’s something the president might want to avoid? We should survey the accident site to resolve the dispute? What are we supposed to do? Send in cartographers? – Both governors are on the line, sir.
– Thank you.
Pick a number.
Two or four.
– Two.
– Four.
Governor, call up the Guard unit and get them to this crash site.
No one gives a damn where the accident is.
Be that as it may, sir, you are about to become a star player in my soon-to-be-written autobiography.
It’s the right decision.
Thank you.
– Thank you, sir.
– Thank you, sir.
– You’re hovering, Claudia Jean? – Yes, sir.
What you got there? The pardons and clemency warrants for your signature.
– I haven’t decided to do it.
– No? Do you have an opinion? I’m sure you’ll do whatever you think is best.
Toby’s is the last one in the folder.
– Anything else? – No, sir.
Thank you, Mr.
Governor Wilkins is still holding on two.
Tell him I’ll be right there.
– How’s the baby? – Wonderful.
All boy.
Sam’s coming back to work for Josh.
That’s great.
– How is he? – Engaged.
Good for him.
Say hello for me, would you? He’s in town.
You can tell him yourself.
I’ve been going through Dad’s stuff and I found something the president might want to have back.
You don’t want to give it to him? – It’s a little sentimental.
– I’ll make sure he gets it.
Dad loved every moment he spent here.
Bartlet called, asked me to remind you that the Santoses are expected in the residence in less than 55 minutes.
She asked me to mention that you need to leave time enough to change before they arrive.
Bartlet doesn’t want me wearing penny loafers and a cardigan to the inaugural? That’s about the gist of it, yes, sir.
Did you write that note to President-Elect Santos yet? Saving that for last.
– All done.
– What about that one? I’m still on the fence.
You do realize that you turn into a pumpkin at noon? I’m gonna take one final stroll around the joint.
Make sure nobody’s making off with the cutlery.
Fifty-three minutes.
– Did he sign it? – Not yet.
– Is he going to sign it? – I have no idea.
You think he should sign it? The Founding Fathers left it to the president to decide who should get clemency.
National Guard on the way to the train accident? We probably witnessed the final act of governance of the administration: The president serving as national school marm on a snow day.
Nice job on Granny Ganja.
I thought you’d have gotten more of a rise.
– Yeah, me too.
– You do the flak-jacket note yet? – Little writer’s block.
– Just make it funny.
Let me know if he signs it.
– Signs what? – You’re a little early.
The Santoses went to church, so I got an hour before heading over to the Capitol.
Thought I’d drop by and make one last stab at getting you to stay on.
Nine-thirty tomorrow morning, Dulles to LAX, non-stop.
Glass of bad merlot.
Three bags of peanuts and an Ambien.
– But thanks for asking.
– Danny? Waiting at LAX with a tub of sunscreen.
So, Baker for V.
You’re gonna have quite a battle up on the Hill.
Yeah, we’re hoping Vinick at State helps grease the skids a little.
You ever stop thinking of this as Leo’s office? No.
Oh, hey, I’ve got something for you.
– “WWLD”? – “What Would Leo Do?” You’re gonna do great, Josh.
You don’t need me.
– Morning, Carol.
– Mr.
Thanks for your work.
Couldn’t have done it without you.
Thank you, Mr.
– Morning, Ray.
Thank you.
– Morning, sir.
– Hey, Carla.
– Mr.
Gonna finally get some time with the kids now, I hope.
– Absolutely, Mr.
– Ed, thanks.
No, sir.
Thank you.
– Nancy, how’s your mother doing? – She’s fine now.
Tell her I’m looking forward to seeing her soon.
– Absolutely, sir.
– Thank you.
– Gotta go.
Do you need something, sir? – Heard a rumor about you and the Oregon Fourth.
Any truth to it? D-Triple-C thinks it’ll be a tough race.
Give me a call.
I’ll help you pound in some lawn signs.
I’ll have a mallet ready, sir.
Excuse me, will you? – Morning, Charlie.
– Mr.
You made a decision about your future? – Georgetown Law.
– You got the early acceptance? I think the letter from you may have helped a little, sir.
I don’t need this anymore.
I thought maybe you could get some use out of it.
Was trying to remember if my father had given it to me when I was in the 10th grade or the 11th.
I considered getting you a tie with the scales of justice on it.
Figured you’d use this more.
Thank you, Mr.
Thank you, Charlie.
Homily seemed a little pointed.
The cardinal.
Think he was pushing the “swords into plowshares” stuff hard? Well, he’s right.
This Kazakhstan thing is a mess.
We got thousands of our soldiers in the middle of Central Asia.
They haven’t a clue as to what’s next.
Nine inaugural balls.
You think I’m supposed to wear nine gowns? – Do you have nine gowns? – No.
Well then, probably not.
– Nineteen minutes and counting, sir.
– Almost done.
Well, that’s it.
What about that final pardon warrant? – There’s still time.
– Not much.
– Two hours and 19 minutes.
– Two hours and 18.
President? Aren’t you supposed to be getting ready for the Santoses? – Yes.
– Just leaving.
– So he keeps saying.
Mallory came by this morning and asked me to give you this.
I was gonna ask Debbie to send it with you on the plane, but – Why didn’t she stop in and say hello? – I don’t think she wanted to bother you.
– Sixteen minutes, sir.
– I’m a fast dresser.
Not that fast.
Why don’t I put this in your briefcase for the plane.
Your letter to President-Elect Santos? It’s been a pleasure, Claudia Jean.
The pleasure’s been all mine, sir.
– Thank you.
Thanks so much.
– I really appreciate it.
– Thank you.
Thank you very much.
– Thank you.
Goodbye, Mr.
– Thank you so much for your help.
– Goodbye.
Thank you.
Good luck, sir.
– You okay? – Sure.
We could make a run for it, you know.
Catch the first plane out of Dulles, head to Panama.
– I hear Uruguay’s nice.
– Southern Hemisphere.
– It’s summer there.
– Cheaper housing.
– You speak the language.
– What about the kids? – We’ll send them a postcard.
– They’ll be pissed.
– I left enough time.
– No, you didn’t.
– I was ready before they got here.
– Because they’re running late.
When was the last time someone actually was late to meet us? Eight years ago to the day.
Get used to it.
It’s gonna happen a lot more.
The girls are gonna be waiting for us when we get to the farm this evening.
It’s supposed to be a surprise.
Act like it.
Tonight? I was looking forward to some peace and quiet.
I know.
That’s why I’m warning you.
I don’t want you to look stricken when you see them.
Does it have to be tonight? They just wanted to show you their love and support in your hour of need.
Afraid you might have re-entry issues, returning to live amongst us mortals.
Have I been so out of touch? When was the last time you used a phone? Or went to a bank? Or drove a car? It’s just like riding a bike, only more horsepower, right? Excuse me, Mr.
President? The Santoses have arrived.
– They’re in the Blue Room.
– Thank you.
Abbey? Nine inaugural balls.
How’s that supposed to work? You want to skip the champagne when they do the toast.
I’m afraid I made a bit of a mess this morning and it may eat into your news cycle.
– The pardons.
– Granny Pot.
I heard.
And a few others.
– How’s the speech? – It’s okay.
Couple of good lines.
There’s no “Ask not what your country can do for you,” but J.
Really screwed us with that one, didn’t he? Have you chosen a biblical quotation for the oath? Kings Three.
Nine to 11.
Grant thy servant an understanding heart to judge thy people? – That’s the one.
– Good choice.
You know what I’m gonna miss the most? The Marine Corps Band.
Those guys can really play.
Ask them to do “Semper Fidelis.
” They’ll knock your socks off.
President, Senator Wirth will escort you to the podium.
This way, Mr.
I guess this is where our paths diverge.
– Sure you’re ready to retire? – See you on the podium.
Capitol Police estimate today’s crowd at over 140,000 with an additional 800,000 expected to line the parade route later.
Incoming Secretary of State, Arnold Vinick, is here.
Senator Vinick surprised many Republicans surprised everyone across the board by accepting a position in Matt Santos ‘ cabinet perhaps eschewing his own chances to run again in four years.
– It’s gonna be cold out there.
– Yeah.
I hope brevity is in order.
I cut the speech down to about 80 pages in the car.
Gettysburg Address was what, four minutes long? Lot of run-on sentences, though.
Didn’t a two-hour inaugural address kill a president once? William Henry Harrison.
But, yeah, he was 68 and he refused to wear a coat.
You refuse to wear a coat.
But I’m wearing long underwear.
The dignitaries on the platform have taken their positions.
And now, here are President Bartlet and the first lady making their way to their seats on the podium.
After eight years in the White House, they’re handing over the reins to the Santoses in a few short minutes.
? The president’s office just sent this over, says it needs to go to the Pardon Attorney.
– The president surprised both supporters and critics with his willingness to use force abroad and his aggressive pursuit of peace on the world stage.
Man, I hope Janet Spragens has her TV on.
– Who? – Senior year.
She beat me for the last varsity spot on the swim team.
– Guess what.
– What? You win.
Well, she did get Don Vogel to take her to the prom instead of me.
We’ll call it even then.
I’m pretty sure Janet had to put out so Don would take her.
Ladies and gentlemen, Mrs.
Helen Santos.
No turning back now.
Ladies and gentlemen, President-Elect of the United States Matthew Vincente Santos.
O Lord, we come together on this historic and solemn occasion to inaugurate a president.
We pray, O Lord, for President-Elect Santos to whom you have entrusted leadership of this great nation.
Give our new president and all who advise him calmness in the face of storms encouragement in the face of frustrations and humility in the face of triumph.
We pray that this good and generous country may be a blessing to the nations of the world and fulfill the hopes of our Founding Fathers.
This we ask in your most holy name.
Speaker of the House, Mark B.
It gives me great pleasure to introduce the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court to administer the presidential oath of office.
Please raise your hand and repeat after me.
I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of the President of the United States.
I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of the President of the United States.
And will, to the best of my ability And will, to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
So help me, God.
So help me, God.
Afternoon, ma’am.
Good afternoon, sir.
– Hey, Gerald.
– Good to see you.
It’s good to see you too.
Home sweet home.
Most important is keeping track of who ‘s going in and out of the Oval Office.
First thing you’ll need to do is establish who’ll have walk-in privileges.
Usually it’s just the first lady and the chief of staff.
At some point, the president is gonna ask you to take away his wife’s privileges.
Don’t do it, no matter how much he begs.
You have the right to attend the staff meeting.
I never went, because the senior staff was already appropriately intimidated by my stern visage and dry wit.
But you’re young.
You have a baby face.
They are gonna try to walk all over you.
You should go.
Your desk sits right outside this door.
You prepare his schedule.
You decide who goes in and who doesn’t.
Your most frequent response to any question will be “no.
” Say it with empathy and you’ll be fine.
– Where is Mrs.
Bartlet? – Already inside the car, sir.
– Nice speech.
– No J.
But you’ve got time.
I left something for you on the desk.
– Just some random thoughts.
– I’ll look forward to them, sir.
Make me proud, Mr.
I’ll do my best, Mr.
What in the world was he trying to prove by not wearing an overcoat? Youth and vigor.
He looked like a leader.
He looked like a lunatic.
A young and vigorous lunatic.
Jed? You made it.
You’re still here.
I’m still here.
As they headed to the parade here on Pennsylvania Avenue the president and first lady – This 137-B? – Yeah.
– This gonna be you? – Looks like it.
– Charlie Young.
– Bram Howard.
– Parade almost over? – Yep.
Watch out for the thermostat.
Hair one way or the other is the difference between convection oven and meat locker.
– Have fun.
– You bet.
You wanna go see a movie? It’s 2:00 in the afternoon.
You got anything better to do? No, I guess we don’t.
Is there a movie theater around here? I have no idea.
You look good up there.
– We missed you.
– Can’t say the feeling’s mutual.
President Bartlet pardoned Toby Ziegler.
Any comment? – Nope.
– You have an opinion? Sure I do.
Unfortunately, the suite that Mrs.
Bartlet was using is going to be torn up for most of the next year while we restore the marble and original moldings.
We’re hoping that this suite will meet with Mrs.
Santos’ approval.
The office for the first lady’s press secretary would be over here.
– Great, thanks.
Moss, if you’ll follow me.
We hope this will meet with your approval.
Oh, it’s lovely.
I’m sure the first lady will be very happy here.
Oh, no.
I’m sorry.
The first lady’s office is next door.
As her chief of staff, this would be your office.
This will be fine.
Shall we get started with the Joint Chiefs, sir? Yes, thank you.
Excuse me.
– Excuse me.
Do you work in there? – I’m sorry.
What? We saw you come out the gate.
– You work at the White House? – No.
I’m sorry, I don’t.
Must be something, huh? Yeah.
General, admirals, we’ll talk about this more in detail tomorrow.
I do appreciate your candor.
– Thank you, sir.
– Thank you, Mr.
They want 10,000 more troops in Kazakhstan on the ground for logistical support.
Public opinion is already divided over our mission in Central Asia.
Do you want more troops on the ground in your first week? We may not have a choice.
– What? – You look good back there.
Excuse me, sir.
It’s almost 6.
The first lady called to remind you to change for the inaugural balls.
Tell her I’ll be up there in 15 minutes.
– Thank you, Mr.
– Thank you, Mr.
What’s next? Sir, the Senate Democrats wish to move fast on the education bill Come in.
Colonel says we’ll land in New Hampshire in 20 minutes, sir.
Thank you.
What are you thinking about? Tomorrow.

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