Donna Moss – The West Wing

Played by Janel Moloney

Donna Moss - The West Wing

Donna Moss serves as Senior Assistant to the Deputy White House Chief of Staff in the administration of President Josiah “Jed” Bartlet. That Deputy White House Chief of Staff is Josh Lyman, who shares a complicated relationship with his assistant. Those complications (in the form of obvious & playful romantic tension) do not go unnoticed by others in the administration. Initially hired to perform secretarial duties, her responsibilities grow as she proves to be a capable, motivated and increasingly savvy civil servant.

Donna might not have joined the Bartlet team at all save for her boldness. After dumping her less-than-attentive boyfriend, Donna drove from Wisconsin to New Hampshire, where she promptly stepped into the role of Josh’s assistant — despite the fact that he never officially hired her. Entertained and impressed by her doggedness, Josh hired her for real. Later, toward the end of the Santos / McGarry campaign, the two finally become romantically involved.

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