Lord John Marbury (just for fun) – The West Wing

Played by Roger Rees

Lord John Marbury - The West Wing

Lord John Marbury, Earl of Croy, is a descendant of the third daughter of Queen Victoria, Princess Alice. After being educated at Cambridge and the Sarbonne, Lord John joined great Brittain’s diplomatic corps, eventually rising to become the United Kingdom’s ambassador to India.

In 2000, President Bartlet called him in as a consultant on the military buildup along the Indian-Pakistani boarder. His relationship with the Bartlet administration causes the UK to make him its Ambassador to the United States two years later.

Lord John is an extremely colorful character, known for being pompous and aloof, frequently salacious (trying to fondle the first lady), possibly alcoholic, and “a lunatic,” in Leo McGarry’s account… though Leo may be biased, as Lord John frequently forgets who Leo is and excitedly greets him as “Gerald!” every time they meet.

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