Will Bailey – The West Wing

Played by Joshua Malina

Will Bailey - The West Wing

Will Bailey comes to the administration of President Josiah “Jed” Bartlet after a childhood in Belgium, where his father served as NATO Forces’ Supreme Allied Commander. Will also serves his country as an Air Force JAG corps reservist. He entered politics as a speechwriter and became known — for better and worse (depending on whom you ask) as the manager of a campaign in which his candidate died … but still managed to win after Will forced a runoff.

This action brought him to the attention of Sam Seaborn. Later, Sam recommended Will for the position of Deputy White House Communications Director. Will’s ability — to think and to write — along with his quiet resolve even wins over Toby, as hard to please as he is. Will’s role would change over the years, but his dedication and idealism, inherited from his father, remains. As Sam wrote to Toby in his recommendation: “He’s one of us.”

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