Charlie Young – The West Wing

Played by Dule Hill

Charlie Young – The West Wing

Charlie Young’s rise to White House insider is quick and meteoric. After working as a waiter and golf caddy, the young man is hired as President Josiah “Jed” Bartlet’s personal aide. From that point forward, he is privy to many of the inner workings of the most powerful office in the world. He is the son of a Washington D.C. police officer — his mother — who was killed in the line of duty after switching shifts at Charlie’s suggestion. Obviously, this twist of fate continues to haunt the young man. With his father not in the picture, Charlie takes over caring for his younger sister, even putting off college to do so.

Charlie, who is African American, begins an early romance with President’s youngest daughter, Zoey — with some scary consequences from beyond 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The President is, of course, much more forgiving and develops a strong father-son bond with his young aide. Initially quiet and inconspicuous, Charlie grows more bold and open over the course of his tenure in the White House.

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