Sam Seaborn – The West Wing

Played by Rob Lowe

Sam Seaborn – The West Wing

Sam Seaborn is Deputy White House Communications Director in the administration of President Josiah “Jed” Bartlet. His prestigious position is deserved and earned, having worked on the “Bartlet for America” presidential campaign with great success. He is among those credited with helping to craft Bartlet into a candidate that the public, and other politicians, come to take very seriously. A Laguna Beach boy, he holds a degree from Princeton– a fact which he is quite obviously proud (“Princeton” is his Secret Service code name). Later, he attended Duke University School of Law, eventually working for one of the biggest law firms in New York City. Inspired by his old friend Josh’s defection to the Bartlet campaign, Sam followed eventually followed suit and entered a life in politics.

He often writes the President’s high-profile speeches along with Toby, including the State of the Union Address. Sam is less successful in love with at least one broken engagement and other less-than-successful attempts at long-term romantic bliss. Through it all, however, he remains a fervent idealist with a fervent love of the political process and a strong belief that government makes a positive impact on the lives of America’s citizens. He always does what is “right,” even when the political fallout is potentially catastrophic.

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