Season 7 – Episode 16 – “Election Day: Part 1”

Episode Summary:

Election day finally arrives; C.J. ponders job offers; the election looks too close to call.


Previously on The West Wing: Santos could take a vacation and just let the press keep hammering me on this nuclear thing.
Ohio trends Santos! That’s the story of the day.
The voters set the terms of the elections, not us.
They get to decide what’s important, not us.
If I win California, I win the country.
We need to be prepared for a court battle.
– You think we’re gonna win? – I do.
The real decision the American people have to make is who do they want as their next commander in chief.
– We’re tied.
– Holy mother of God, we caught him! – Yes! – We caught him! Scotch, please.
Your best.
I need seven glasses.
And I’ll keep the bottle.
I’d believe we were in Houston if I saw more cowboy hats.
– It’s rude indoors.
– Maybe it’s a stereotype.
– It could be Denver.
Could be St.
– Chicago.
Phoenix, Salt Lake City.
All that time we spent there.
You have to accept the fact that this is all coming to an end tomorrow.
And a single tear slips slowly down your cheek.
Or you can get really hammered.
Everybody needs to relax.
Except you.
The bartender needs your credit card.
So who’s planned for the rest of their lives? I want a meal that isn’t Cheetos and a Diet Sprite.
– I want a pedicure.
– I wanna be a White House speechwriter.
– Don’t say that out loud.
– Bad karma, man.
– Then Cheetos sounds good.
– I’d settle for more than two hours’ sleep.
– Where was the bat loose in the hall? – That you caught with a pillowcase? – That one.
– Portland.
A hundred and seventy-five dollars a bottle? Next time, get a pitcher of whatever’s on tap.
Next time? The congressman will be wrapping up in L.
Who wants to stay sober long enough to get the report from Bram? Thanks for volunteering, Edie.
– Think I’m gonna call it a night.
– So early? God created few nights in life without midnight rallies airplane seats and tracking polls.
I’m gonna enjoy one.
Staff meeting, 6 a.
We’ll go over new marching orders then.
– Good night.
– Good night.
You know, I think that’s it for me too.
So I’ll send out an e-mail about L.
– Really? – Apparently.
– Should you be drinking like that? – Like what? You’re 23 years old with a shocking lack of facial hair.
Do you really wanna tell a grown woman how to drink? I didn’t think so.
You can take the bottle if you want.
Yeah me too.
See you guys in the morning.
– How did I miss that? – You might’ve had an easier year of it if you had come onboard.
– Six o’clock tomorrow morning, right? – Yeah.
Wow, Cindy? – Did you know that? – About Ronna and Cindy? – Any of them.
– Yes.
– Which one? – All of them.
Did you ever come onboard? No.
Never had a campaign fling? No.
Do you want another drink? No.
– It’s 3 a.
– Yeah.
– Did you get any sleep? – A little.
You? Yeah.
– You don’t have to leave.
– I know.
– I mean, you don’t have to sneak out.
– I wasn’t.
I didn’t wanna make this awkward, but I just did.
I was just checking the news sites.
– And the sweater? – For warmth.
Why don’t I go get us some coffee? – How are you feeling? – I really wanna win this thing.
– Coffee would be great.
Cream and – Three sugars.
I already checked AP.
Nothing new.
You should take a look at Reuters.
Scotch, Otto, exercise.
You should rehydrate.
I was hoping to escape you for a little while.
Well, the front-desk clerk gave you up.
He say, “Lou’s on the treadmill, go seek her out”? He said he opened the gym for a lady with liquor breath and crazy eyes.
– What do you got there? – Vinick made a crack last night about the congressman’s lack of foreign-policy experience.
Well, it’s hard to effectively fire back at him on Election Day.
Only two and a half hours before the polls open in the East.
“Thank you all for joining me in Houston on this historic evening.
Tonight, I’m both honored and humbled by the certitude” Hey, no one actually uses the word “certitude.
” Not really.
You couldn’t sleep either? Final pass at the victory and concession speeches.
It was either this or a solitaire tournament with the Advance guys.
– Hey.
– Hey.
– Welcome to the club.
– No one can sleep.
– Evidently.
– You see Reuters? Vinick said the congressman couldn’t handle the Kazakhstan crisis last night.
Well, a response won’t do much good now but we’ve got Bartlet cabinet members doing satellite spin.
They can mention our guy’s military experience.
– All right, great.
– Would you check on this for me? Thanks.
Tell me you found my pantyhose.
Thank you.
– This is it.
– It’s less glamorous than I imagined.
We sold the leather couches for our last media buy.
Funny man.
Pretty witty.
Makes me want to – I should check the fax.
– I already did.
You got nothing better to do at 4 in the morning? Apparently not.
– Jane Braun, Carrie? – Marino.
– Hi.
– Nice to meet you.
– Senator hit Santos on Kazakhstan.
– Yeah, I saw.
– It may be too little, too late.
– Well, it was worth a shot.
– When’s he landing? – An hour and a half at LAX then up to Santa Paula to vote.
– Yeah.
Bathroom? – Oh, it’s left.
– Oh, second door on your left.
Thank you.
– She’s cute.
– Yeah.
– Little young.
– Yale grad.
Almost grad.
– Couldn’t sleep.
– Oh, sure.
God, I hate the waiting.
– Say something.
– Nothing to say.
Someone should tell me to change my shirt or not to change the health-care section of the speech or where we’re going next.
– We’re going to vote and then home.
– The stump speech? – Delivered for the last time.
– And we’re not running late? – Right on time.
– Hey, you look great.
– I changed.
– Yeah, I noticed.
– Thanks.
– Teddy’s got the war room running? – Yeah.
I didn’t want to be wearing the same clothes as last night.
How’s our Get Out the Vote effort looking? Great, I hope.
You don’t have to worry.
A lot of people are gonna be doing the walk of shame today.
Not that what we did was shameful.
Or is shameful.
That’s not what I meant.
– So – Here’s everything we talked about.
knocking on doors, escorting voters to the polls.
– Where are the surrogates? – We’ve got surrogates doing news in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and California.
– Russell? – He’s in Colorado today but he’s available for satellites.
Griffith, Atkins and Baker are available to fly wherever we need them depending on the polls.
– Hispanic vote? Radio spots targeting largely Hispanic counties in California and Florida.
The congressman will hit Texas today with some drive-time radio.
– Right.
– We got it completely handled, Josh.
– Here you go.
– Thank you.
– Really? – Really.
This is it.
The wait begins.
Well, it’s about time for you to do your thing.
– My thing? – Thank the troops.
You did realize you were gonna have to do that.
Right, right.
Hey, everyone.
Gather round.
I didn’t know most of you before last January, and Wow, it’s been a long 11 months.
I hope you’ve all learned a lot.
I know that I learned a few things from you.
For instance, I didn’t know that I would need to explain that we don’t do shout-outs during radio interviews.
And we don’t encourage college buddies to hurl expletives at our opponent.
Who was responsible for that thing in Dubuque, anyway? Who was it? – Dave.
– Dave.
Dave, Dave.
Take a bow.
You fired him.
Well, wherever you are, thanks for the lesson.
It’s a special day.
A high point in your young, impressionable lives.
So go, take a few minutes to enjoy it.
And then call your family and friends.
Make sure they voted.
Ask about the lines at their precincts so we know if Get Out the Vote works.
They can report any harassment, anything weird.
Or if it’s snowing, whatever.
They can tell you that.
I’m serious.
Call them.
– Good group.
– Yeah.
You might wanna work the phrase “thank you” in there.
– Thank you.
Appreciate it.
– Okey-dokey.
Polls open in five, four, three two, one.
Senator Arnold Vinick’s campaign made its final stop of the election season here in Santa Paula, California.
Senator Vinick returns to his hometown with a different goal Come in.
– Breakfast.
– Are we going steady? – You called me.
– The speeches.
You approved them.
One if we win, one if we lose.
– We might need another one.
– Isn’t it black and white? We placed a lot of emphasis on him being the first Hispanic candidate.
We need one in case he doesn’t sweep the Hispanic vote.
– Okay.
– You know, be prepared.
Are you waiting for a hug or something? – Isn’t going to go down without a fight.
Thank you.
California, Nevada, Washington, Idaho.
Polls are now open everywhere.
Alaska and Hawaii aren’t open yet.
Two states on which the outcome of the race so often depends.
Like Idaho was ever the linchpin.
Senator’s voting, then meeting his daughter for breakfast.
– Anybody ready to order lunch? – The sun came up an hour ago.
I’m starving.
The Hispanic turnout in Florida? Swenson’s been out all morning.
We got 10,000 volunteers in Jacksonville, Orlando and Miami.
– And Get Out the Vote is? – What’s this? He’s just voting now? – We now go live to Houston.
– It’s 9 a.
In Texas.
He missed morning coverage in the East.
Yeah, but he cut into our California coverage perfectly.
After hosting a rally in Los Angeles – They’ll switch from Vinick to Santos.
– Lou’s a genius.
How was last night? He changed the health-care portion of the stump again but otherwise, 45,000 screaming devotees.
Kind of cult-like.
How is he today? – He’s relaxed.
– You’re kidding? No, it’s kind of weird, calm.
We’re heading back to the house.
– How long to the first exit polls? – Couple of hours.
I can ‘t tell you how badly I need a shower.
Four rallies in four states, four buses, three flights.
– You can probably smell me – Hold on.
Boston! We need turnout in Boston, huge turnout.
Vinick will win western Massachusetts.
He’s gonna take Cape Cod.
Need to up the score in Boston.
– Yeah.
– It’s raining.
Yeah, well, she beat you to the punch.
Though we were already monitoring road conditions and traffic patterns.
The Massachusetts field ops called, said they are distributing umbrellas so volunteers can escort voters from cars to polling places.
– Should we do some additional – Drive-time? Scheduled for 3:00.
The National Weather Service said there’s a high-pressure system coming.
It should stop the rain by 2:00.
Good news is, showers should linger over the Berkshires slowing down any Vinick supporters still getting to the polls.
We’re getting new weather models every half hour.
– You wanna see them? – No, we’re fine.
Don’t need it.
Josh, we are completely and totally under control.
We’ve been planning this for five months.
You know what? I was in the elevator today.
I was talking to a man who didn’t even know it was Election Day.
Jeremy, ride the elevator for a few hours.
Anyone from Houston, remind them to vote.
I was thinking, we should do an additional speech.
– One in the event – Hispanic vote draft.
Wanna take a look? – The popular vote is different from the Electoral College vote.
Another if I got you.
You want two speeches.
One if we win the electoral and lose the popular and the vice versa.
Yeah? – Yeah.
Two more? – Two more.
Do two.
You’re right.
– Hey.
– Hey.
– I’m sorry, what’s your name? – Drew.
What are you doing right now? Bram asked me to make sure everything’s going smoothly for the party tonight.
– They’re about to do sound checks.
– Cool.
You mind if I come along with you? Sure.
If you’re heading toward my office, you should rethink that.
– Job offers.
– Talk to me about the election.
– No word yet on the exit polls.
– Fine.
Margaret’s been setting up meetings with employers.
I took it upon myself to do research.
She’s supposed to schedule them in January.
CEOs are busy.
They schedule January meetings in November.
Board of Directors at Johnson & Johnson Lockheed Martin, Boeing, SBC.
President of Human Resources at GE.
Kennedy School needs a new dean.
Everyone wants you.
– Is today the day for this? – One has offices in Prague but you have to be fluent in Czech.
Another, a company jet.
Not Air Force One, but not bad.
A lot have stock options, something you should look into.
Suckers could be worth something someday.
Three thousand people have been invited.
Thirty thousand are gonna try to make it through the door.
Well, security is setting up overflow areas outside.
Is that The Foo Fighters? – Foo Fighters.
– Yeah.
Well, it’s not “The” Foo Fighters.
Yeah, that is them.
We’ve actually got nine performers doing sets from 7 to midnight, so I love Foo Fighters.
These guys voted, right? – Josh Lyman.
– Where are you? I’m in the Grand Ballroom, supervising.
I’ve been looking for you.
Yeah, I didn’t know if you needed some space or We just got the first round of exit polls.
– What? – The exit polls.
They’re here.
– Where are the kids? – School.
It’s a Tuesday.
Kind of a big day.
They’ll be home by 3.
What do I do here all day? – You could sleep.
– No, I don’t think so.
Come on.
I don’t think I can close my eyes.
Then we’ll find something else to do.
– What do we got? – I got you something.
– A gift? – Whatever.
Blue markers.
Check it out.
See for yourself.
Fill it? North Carolina, we’re up by one.
– Up by two in Georgia.
– Georgia? Look at Louisiana and Virginia.
All over the South we are in it.
The military vote is going for Santos.
All the Republican-value voters are staying home.
We’re only up by six in Massachusetts.
Isn’t that low? It’s raining.
Ahead by 12 points in New York, seven in New Jersey.
– Even in Texas.
– It’s still early.
We’re playing in the South? And Maryland, Vermont, Connecticut, Delaware.
We can put most of the Northeast in our pocket.
Cautious optimism.
Your face is frozen in an odd way.
Unattractively? Not entirely.
I think my head’s gonna explode.
Maybe we should take a walk or something.
Try to de-stress a little before the next numbers come out.
You wanna take a walk or something? You want some water? You have a bottle over there? – Tap water.
– No, thanks.
But thank you.
Mind if I turn on the TV? See if there’s news? Please.
At least I didn’t bring my BlackBerry to bed.
Could be worse.
Less romantic, I mean.
Got it.
President Bartlet and his wife went home to Manchester, New Hampshire last night and visited their local polling place this morning.
– This may sound silly – No, what? I’m worried about the law in Minnesota, prohibiting media and pollsters within 100 feet of polling places.
That’s certainly less romantic.
I was looking at the county data earlier.
In Dakota County Republicans have a 16 percent edge in voters but exit polls show us leading.
I wonder if the law’s affecting the accuracy of numbers.
Am I just being paranoid? I’m just being paranoid.
Forget it.
– Hello? – Hey can you pull all the numbers coming out of Minnesota? Thanks.
– Hello? – Hello? – Hang on.
– Do you have Donna? – What? – Do you have Donna? – Have her? – Do you know where she is? Yeah.
– Is Josh in there? – Yeah.
Can you tell Donna, Lou needs her to do some spin on MSNBC.
And I have Minnesota numbers for you.
Up one in South Carolina, two in Tennessee.
Ahead in Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi, only up by one in California.
We gotta keep him moving.
San Diego, Dana Point, Newport Beach, Los Angeles.
– We need to schedule drive time.
– While he’s traveling.
Annie? – Yeah.
– These Minnesota numbers are off.
We should have more of an edge.
Dakota County has Santos leading by eight points.
The youth vote is up, mostly Democratic.
It’s throwing off our numbers.
That should taper off as working people vote.
– I shouldn’t worry, right? – You shouldn’t.
One of my Election Day good-luck routines.
– One of? – You met Carrie already.
Senator Arnold Vinick campaigned through his home state this afternoon hosting events along the coast of Southern California Where else has he been today? Rally in San Diego and Dana Point.
– What did his public schedule say? – Voting in Santa Paula.
– We should have him in California.
– Little late.
Hundred and fifty thousand square miles in California, 13 million voters.
We can’t plant him in a mall and hope he reaches the undecideds.
– That’s what Vinick’s doing.
– Donna’s doing spin and the congressman will hit L.
With some drive-time radio.
Leo have an impact in Akron? I heard 17,000 voters didn’t budge when the skies opened and dumped buckets of water down on them.
– It’s fine, we’ll reach those undecideds.
Oh, well, I think we already have.
New exit polls are in.
Illinois South Carolina? Are you kidding? Thanks, Edie.
Yeah, I’ll let him know.
– So? – We’re up four in Colorado five in Connecticut, three in Illinois, seven in Maryland.
– Pennsylvania, Michigan? – Both by two.
And we moved ahead in California.
You wanna tell him or should I? He’s asleep.
Really? Really.
Should we wake him up? No.
The kids will be here any minute.
Let him sleep.
– Down by three in South Carolina.
– That can’t be right.
Down by two in California.
Are you watching this? We’re ahead in North Carolina and South Carolina.
When ‘s the last time a Democrat played in that region? I’m not even sure I was born yet Has everyone seen these numbers out of Syracuse? Yeah, the Senator’s winning with 53 percent of the vote.
Well, that should be somewhere around 65 percent.
Excuse me, 154 electoral votes if the states were being called right now.
– Including Florida? – No.
So 181, if we’re being optimistic.
Are we being optimistic? Vermont turnout’s down 15 percent.
New Hampshire.
Minnesota Something’s not right here.
Okay, based on exit polls, I’ve got 201.
With or without Texas? – Without.
– We could be at 235? Nuclear accident came in handy.
We’re encouraged by the strong showing in the Midwest, John.
Turnout’s up six percent in California alone.
Voters want a change and they know Arnold Vinick can deliver – Someone didn’t see the poll.
– They call it “spin” for a reason.
– How’s that adolescent part feeling now? – Happier, thanks.
Did you hear some staffers talking about what posters they wanna hang at the White House? – Who was doing that? A couple of guys with accents in Advance.
– Minnesota doesn’t make sense.
– Don’t sweat Dakota County, As long as we’re pounding Vinick in the fourth and fifth districts, we’re golden.
– Hey, stranger.
– What’s it been, about eight hours? I saw your briefing.
Apple cider and “lame duck” jokes? That all you got? As opposed to watching briefings on C-SPAN and roaming the halls to gossip.
I try to prevent war in East Asia, too, but – I apparently get to look for a job.
– In the Santos administration? – Exit polls are reading that way.
– Do you wanna stay in Communications? Not sure I wanna stay in the government.
– Consulting work is big, I hear.
– I’m feeling sentimental about California.
– California? – The local political work.
There’s something romantic about it, really.
– Romantic.
– Overseeing a mayoral race in a city that needs a breath of fresh air.
Sounds nice.
I’m gonna – You okay? – Yeah, fine.
Keep me updated on the exit polls.
That’s what I said, listen to this: “With victory assured in Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania Santos should prepare to lend his image to the history books.
” – What is that? – A blog.
It goes on to call him our first Latino president.
– They don’t say “candidate”? – President.
They call it in three states, though the polls don’t close for hours.
– Burn in hell.
– They’re checking the same data as us.
Posting raw exit poll data without explanation or analysis, it’s irresponsible.
Worse for Vinick, they’re calling him a loser.
Last thing we want, Democrats thinking they don’t need to go to polls because Santos has it in the bag.
– Or Vinick supporters turning out in droves.
– Will you please? Anybody who’s checking out exit polling on a blog voted first thing this morning at 6:45 a.
Not if the nets pick them up and report it as news.
Do you think someone’s gonna look at “Bernard’s Blogland” and mistake it for network news? It could affect turnout.
How big do you think the readership is? Four years ago, Bartlet won New Mexico with only 6000 votes.
– Call the networks and – Don’t, don’t, don’t! Anybody see these numbers in New England? Turnout is down 15 percent in Vermont! – Josh.
– How are we up in South Carolina and not get people in Vermont? We got lines in Ohio, we’re sending port-a-potties to districts down there so that people don’t leave, but the numbers are still low! We’re losing in Maine, a state that Bartlet won with 67 percent of the vote! The Latino vote in Florida isn’t turning out but Rhode Island, they’re coming out – Josh! – It’s Texas.
Shouldn’t it be warm? – Not in November.
What are you doing out here? – I’ve been appointed.
– To what? – Make sure you’re okay.
– I’m fine.
Make sure your head’s not actually gonna explode.
– These numbers aren’t adding up.
– They never do.
You’ve been working 18-, 20-hour days for the last year.
– Yeah.
– It’s here.
There’s nothing to do but let it run its course.
There’s nothing left to do, Josh.
In the event that he loses Texas but wins the election we don’t wanna get caught with out pants down.
Let me make sure we have this.
They need one if he wins or loses, one if he loses the Latino vote one if he wins the electoral vote, one if he loses the electoral vote and one if he loses his home state.
– Right.
What if two of those things happen? What if he loses his home state and Latino vote? – That too.
– What are we talking about? – The speeches.
– We should have one in case the race is too close to call.
The polls are about to close.
We should get in.
– Hey.
– Hey.
I sort of walked away from you before.
– It got weird all of a sudden.
– Yeah.
Was it something about California? No, California’s a lovely state.
– Doesn’t mean I have to move there.
– What? – If it means we would have to end – No, I would never want – lf you’re planning on staying in D.
C – I’d never ask you to stay.
You spend the night at my house more often than not.
– Which makes me? – A really good date.
I’m not like you.
I don’t live and die with the Democratic Party.
I wanna see the next president through this crisis, whoever he is.
You keep saying, “The next president, whoever he is.
” Yeah, well, the NSC is a nonpartisan Did you vote for Vinick? You voted for Arnold Vinick? He hasn’t stopped looking at those numbers.
– Hope springs eternal.
Maybe you – Yeah.
East Coast polls are closing in a few minutes.
In South Carolina, Santos is up by four.
The African-American population has been oversampled.
They’re 34 percent of the interviews and only 29 percent of the voters.
– Bruno – In Pennsylvania women are oversampled.
It’s wrong.
We’re losing North Dakota, a state that’s gone Republican for the last 40 years.
– Doesn’t give a moment’s pause? – What are you gonna do? Minnesota, fifth district, the most Democratic district in the state.
Bartlet won it with 71 percent four years ago.
Santos is only pulling in 54 percent.
This isn’t over.
– We could be winning – You’ve done a hell of a job.
The nuclear thing, there’s no way you could have anticipated that.
In a few seconds, six states will close their polls.
Once all the precincts in those states are closed we’ll be able to start bringing you the results of this election.
It has been a long and formidable campaign and it’s coming to a close.
We will get you all the information you need to know as quickly as possible.
Right now, we can project that Senator Arnold Vinick will carry Indiana and its 11 electoral votes and Kentucky and its eight electoral votes.
What about Georgia or Vermont or South Carolina or Virginia? – We get none? – Be patient.
Set up a line to the DNC Headquarters.
Want a tally of the Congressional races.
I wanna hear about Velasquez.
Leo’s gonna sleep through the whole thing.
I gotta get him.
What can I say? Nerves of steel.
Gotta get him cleaned up for the party.
He’s been threatening to wear his robe.
Nothing says victory like threadbare flannel.
Hispanics are favored in six congressional races in Texas and Rhode Island is on its way to electing its first Hispanic congressman.
Something’s happening.
We are getting word of a new development.
West Virginia is a state that Democrats had hoped to carry.
We are projecting that this state and its five electoral votes will go to Senator Arnold Vinick.
Historically – Hey.
– Hey, you.
– I slept.
– You did.
– And lost West Virginia, apparently.
– And Kentucky and Indiana.
– I’m a loser.
– Oh, 24 to nothing, baby.
But you can still rebound.
I have faith.
– Where are you? – What? In your head, where did you go? I’m just thinking about what I’m gonna do tomorrow.
We’ll take the kids to school and then go for breakfast.
Bacon and pancakes.
The backyard needs raking.
If we look closer at a few of these key states, New Jersey, for instance could end up being a disappointment for Vinick if it does indeed swing toward the Democrats.
Santos has been polling here well in the last couple of weeks although the Vinick camp clung to the idea that the security factor could play well to voters in New Jersey.
I’m sure a lot of people are asking why we still have not You wanna take those job offers home? No, thanks.
– Maybe tomorrow.
– Maybe after Christmas.
– Maybe next week.
– Why are we still talking? – Honestly? – Yeah.
You’re a savvy woman who could easily consider world domination as a next career move.
And I’d like to continue working with you, if that’s a possibility.
You can pack up some of these for me to take home tonight.
Thank you.
On that note, it is exactly 8:07 p.
On the East Coast.
We are ready to project now that Congressman Matthew Santos will carry the state of Pennsylvania.
– Unbelievable! – We did it! – I can’t believe it.
– Twenty-one electoral votes.
– Hey.
– I talked to my mother today.
She watches CNN, talks to all her friends and reports to me each of their predictions with equal weight.
All the time, money and energy we spent trying to shake things up what if the electoral map looks like we thought three months ago? Florida and Ohio go to Vinick.
We take New York, Illinois, Michigan and Pennsylvania.
– And it all comes down to California.
– The fly-over states and the East Coast.
It happens during every campaign.
You had to make the tough choices.
Something wrong with these numbers.
Vermont, voters swear that they’d vote for a Latino president but the state is splitting 49-49, Santos and Vinick.
We ran a Latino Democrat against a tax-cutting, moderate Republican Maine has been trending towards Santos all day but voters are listing security and taxes as the major issues.
What are they lying about? What they care about or who they’re voting for? We’re even playing in Louisiana.
Teddy and Lou are through the roof.
But look at the exit polls.
The data is skewed towards women and African-Americans.
The white men cast their votes after work.
What happens then? We don’t have this wrapped up.
What is the overall sensation here tonight? That it’s going to be very close.
The election will be a very close one.
The campaigns have been planning for it.
We have been planning for it.
It could be a very long night for Matt Santos and Arnold Vinick.
Congratulations, sir.
South Carolina’s just been called for you.
He’s gonna wanna be up for this.
Mind letting me in? Leo.
Hello? Leo? Leo? Leo! Somebody help me! – Call 911! – He’s down, let’s go! He’s down! He’s down! Requesting ambulance at service entrance, northeast side.

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