Season 6 – Episode 22 – “2162 Votes”

Episode Summary:

It’s the Democratic National Convention and the race to become the Democratic Presidential candidate has narrowed to three candidates: Russell (Gary Cole), Baker (Ed O’Neill) and Santos (Jimmy Smits). Also, Bartlet (Martin Sheen) must wrestle with the decision to launch the super-secret defense shuttle to rescue the astronauts trapped at the space station and risk national security or let them die.


Previously on The West Wing: Something’s wrong with the International Space Station.
Rescue options? Did David ever mention anything about a non-civilian shuttle? – We have a decision to make.
– Greg Brock just released a story about a classified military shuttle that could be sent up to rescue those astronauts.
– You wanted to talk? – I have a proposition.
– Hard to say no to the vice presidency.
– You need to take the VP deal.
There’s things I can learn from you.
There are things you could learn from me.
– Mad at me? – Proud, I think.
You are gonna do this for us for the president.
For your party.
Matthew Santos has had a terrific ride.
Improbable, impressive.
And over.
The first task was accomplished minus melodrama.
The main candidates turned in their official petitions for nominations early this morning.
The delegates swarming the convention center can expect to cast their votes between these three men for the next few days until a winner can be crowned with the necessary 2162 votes.
tension as vice-presidential elect – Networks want balloting in prime time.
– What are we supposed to do? Issue segments that build up the party no matter the nominee.
What issue would Santos lead with? Health care? – Ask the 44 million who don’t have it.
– The ones who made it the only issue – your guy polls higher on? – Vote on rules, recognize delegations.
– Lucky to be done by dinner.
– What time is the president speaking? – He’s not.
– Second-term presidents always speak.
President’s a unifying figure.
We need the party and country to know he supports our nominee.
He can’t until we have one.
Moving on.
– Speaking order before first ballot? – As candidate with most delegates – the vice president earned – Santos won almost all primaries.
– There are three viable candidates.
– Hoynes isn’t in this thing.
– We have almost 1000 delegates.
-956 isn’t 1000.
We have 1677 delegates.
We won – in fairness – Twenty-five small states.
– New York is small? – California.
– lllinois.
All for Congressman Santos.
– Enough.
We’ll flip a coin.
Three of us.
A coin has two sides.
Draw straws, pick a number out of a hat.
I don’t care.
Annabeth will handle podium operations.
Please clear your speeches four hours – We have to clear speeches? – She approves what goes on air – until we have a nominee.
– You censoring introductory videos? – There aren’t gonna be any.
– Networks hate them.
It’s a free ad for your candidates.
Limit those speeches to 10 minutes.
Networks threatened to cut us off at the two-hour mark.
We gotta get to the second ballot before they switch to Seinfeld.
– Anything else? – I’d like to talk about staff rooms.
Santos’ is closer.
We have more delegates.
You drew the low card, dude.
You lost fair and square.
Candidate with most delegates ought to have acknowledgement.
How many ways can he come up with to work his delegate count into this? – Where are you on your VP vetting? – Doing well.
– Almost there.
– Fine.
No dramatic last-minute announcements on the horizon.
All right.
We want a nominee by the end of tomorrow night, gentlemen.
We need the party united behind a single candidate.
No attacks from the floor or the podium, no nasty squabbling on CNN.
This is the week when we pull this party together and show we can lead with integrity and maturity.
Okay, the speaking order.
Rock, Paper, Scissors, on three.
One, two, three.
Hoynes is speaking last? Paper covers rock.
You and Russell were both, you know, rocks.
If it’s Baker for VP, why hasn’t Russell announced it? Wanna put more distance between you turning him down and Baker accepting.
– So they announce Baker tomorrow.
– Press conference, off-site after the first ballot, Baker and Russell holding hands.
Hope it drums up enough Hoynes delegates on the second ballot.
Will it? At least I don’t have to give a speech in front of 25,000 people.
More like 25 million.
Gotta figure in the television audience.
Two NASA astronauts and one I understand your frustration, Mr.
Secretary, but I It’s like we had a fire drill, and everybody’s still on the lawn.
– Fire drill without a fire.
– Hutchinson upset? Livid.
Senator Weller’s on his way here to discuss the situation.
Weller’s gonna wanna hold hearings.
He can’t without acknowledging the thing exists.
– Secret hearings.
– Won’t stay secret long.
– Not around here, at least.
– He’s ready.
If you own kneepads, maybe an old hockey mask, strap them on now.
Roughly three days of oxygen remain.
A national security leak during the Democratic Convention.
Are we working for the Republicans now? They’re gonna whack us for the security leak then for dithering over saving brave astronauts.
I’ve had calls from the French, Russians, Chinese, even Lithuanians, irate demanding to know if we’re weaponizing space.
– Senator Weller is here.
– Now I’ve got Weller in the lobby.
Wanna bet he’s gonna demand I appoint a special prosecutor? Sir, as long as we deny it, it’s just an unconfirmed story in New York Times.
– Where’s your friend Brock? – I don’t think it’d be wise You better believe Weller’s gonna subpoena him, ask who his source was.
If we pull credentials, this will seem bigger than a rumor prematurely reported.
It’s a federal crime to divulge classified information.
Weller’s gonna pass up an opportunity to put a Democrat behind bars? Brock is gonna resist any attempt to compel him to reveal his source.
Damn it, C.
, I’ve got three men up there trying to take very, very shallow breaths.
I want this leaker found, by us.
What about somebody at NASA? Kelwick, maybe? – I can’t imagine – You don’t have to.
You’re gonna find out, you and Toby.
I wanna know who in the administration thinks their opinion of this situation matters more than mine.
I want a name on this desk by Friday.
Thank you, Mr.
Hoynes delegates are up for grabs on the second ballot.
Arkansas, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana.
We need 563 delegates.
We gonna hold our own delegates on the second ballot? Chris, I want floor whips with each delegation.
Updates every 15 minutes.
Who’s wavering, who needs a carrot.
Nobody goes to the bathroom we don’t know.
Andrew, Alex, keep with the Hoynes delegates.
Bram, how’s Stanton? Any progress? Hoynes has been on the phone telling Georgia to sit tight after the ballot.
He says the convention will deadlock, swing to him as the voice of experience.
Somebody get me what it is he’s smoking.
We’re getting requests for a comment on the leak story.
– The space station? – Republicans trying to make rain.
No comment.
White House can carry it.
If Russell announces Baker as VP, how do we prevent a stampede to Russell? – By getting Hoynes’ support behind us.
– Why would he do that? Only thing Hoynes hates more than Santos – is Bob Russell getting the nomination.
– “Santos.
You hate him less.
” None of the talking heads thought we’d get this far.
It ain’t over till it’s over.
That’s it.
Thank you very much.
Ronna, you got the delegate breakdown for the Northeast? You’re looking for stray Atkins delegates ripe for the picking.
If they’re not too busy stuffing canap�s into their pockets.
Can I quote you to get them to vote for us? They’re here to grunt, cheer and stomp their feet at every cheap applause line.
Completely out of step with the voters we need.
– They pick our nominee.
– Four years ago two-thirds of delegates wanted to cut defense spending.
Even Democrats don’t want us to touch it.
Delegates split on the death penalty.
Democrats favor it 2-1.
– You don’t think they’re qualified.
– The job, as previously constituted was to clap and wave noisemakers for five hours straight.
The delegates’ sole purpose is to pick our party’s nominee.
If you leave out the part about the foam hats in the shape of the Hoover Dam.
We selected them with no regard for ability to perform that job? Did I mention that we have a balloon drop planned for Thursday? – Thank you.
– Back in an hour.
– Convention’s starting.
Where you going? – To beg an old friend.
Hey, Josh, sorry to keep you waiting.
I got stuck on a call.
Want some watered-down coffee or something? I ordered breakfast – but didn’t get a chance to eat.
– No.
I heard your guy turned Russell down.
I’d loved to have been a fly on that wall.
Bet Bob had a heifer, huh? I’m glad you did.
That kept me alive.
So Russell’s gonna announce Baker as his VP tonight, huh? – That’s the rumor.
– Guy’s got hell of a nerve floating VPs before he has the nomination.
Ask Odysseus how that worked out.
He offer it to you? – Why? You here to make an offer? – No, sir.
I’m not.
Larry King’s booker calls my delegates asking who they’re gonna vote for.
You know what they tell her? That they’re voting for you.
– What do you want, sir? – What you got? Bob Russell doesn’t get the nod.
– Spoiler? – Savior.
Save the party from ruin.
– You think Santos can beat Arnie Vinick? – I know Bob Russell can’t.
– But I can.
– It’s not gonna happen, sir.
Couple of deadlocked ballots, the party faithful are going to panic.
Your political life is over.
It was over the day you resigned the vice-presidency.
I don’t care what they say to King.
Your delegates will rush to lifeboats after the first ballot.
– Don’t sugarcoat.
I can take it.
– There’s not gonna be a cabinet post or ambassadorship coming your way either.
Your indiscretion saw to that.
But your years of governmental service, your connections and experience can be invaluable to the party and to the country.
– As what? A lobbyist? – Party elder.
Power broker.
It’s a role I can guarantee you in a Santos administration.
I doubt you can say the same about a Russell administration.
– So Santos sent you with nothing.
– He doesn’t know I’m here.
You’ve had a long and distinguished career, sir.
Wouldn’t you like to see your name one more time in history books without the word “scandal” after it? – Yeah, I’m still here.
– Is he in the hotel yet? – He’s supposed to be here by now.
– Yes, thanks.
Hey, Bill, how was the flight? Great.
You guys on your way over? – Baker here yet? – Will’s talking to Hollofson now.
Yeah, sure.
Yeah, I understand, but Right.
Call you back.
Baker wants to talk.
– Again? About what? – Hollofson didn’t say.
– He said, “Baker’s been thinking.
” – Thinking? Balloting starts in two hours.
I suspect he knows that, sir.
– How long till I leave for the speech? – Forty minutes.
All right, let’s get Hamlet over here, see what doth trouble his mind this time.
There’s the regional appeal.
Baker comes from a critical swing state.
Pennsylvania’s the northeastern tip of the industrial Midwest.
And as governor, he had strong support among exactly the kind of blue-collar lunchpail voters Democrats needed to win to ensure victory How’s your speech? – Short.
– Well, people like pith.
– Then they’re gonna love it.
– I went over the VP list again.
– Take another look.
– Nothing on Russell and Baker? – Baker flew in this afternoon.
– Had it on CNN.
Like a papal visit.
Fawning masses awaiting a blessing.
I went to see Hoynes.
You offer him anything? No, I asked him to throw his support to you.
– He say no? – No.
– He said yes? – No, he’s thinking about it.
We need to leave for the convention center.
– He’s thinking about it, huh? – Yeah.
– So you coming? – Yeah, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.
the obvious choices for party leader have stumbled.
Baker may be the only candidate with enough appeal Mr.
Secretary, the great state of California casts 440 votes for Congressman Matt Santos.
California says they’ll stick with us through the second ballot.
– What about Baker? – Ms.
Chairwoman, I have 440 votes.
If it moves to Russell, they don’t wanna be left behind.
– Yes, Mr.
– What? I didn’t get that.
Tell Thurman they stick with us, Santos will make it his life’s work to bring the next generation of fixed-wing fighters to Long Beach.
You want me to promise a defense contract.
I don’t care if you promise half the Pentagon budget.
Just get him to stick with us through the third ballot.
Still nothing from Hoynes? – No.
Want me to try him? – Colorado, may I have your votes? The state of Colorado casts 63 votes for our native son the pride of the Western Slope, Colorado’s own – Vice President Bob Russell.
– Get me Connecticut! I have 63 votes for Vice President Robert Russell.
– Any surprises? – Still on the first ballot.
– You hear Russell’s speech? – Yeah.
– It was good.
– Russell has a few teeth left.
The A.
is sending a team of agents over in the morning.
– FBI? – We have to interview over 100 people.
You plan on doing it alone with a clipboard and pencil? They’re gonna start with NASA, DOD, my people.
I put together a list of West Wing staff with code word or might have had access to information.
Don’t have to like it, but the president was clear.
They’ll need phone, fax records, e- mail logs – notes, datebooks.
– DNA swab, polygraph? It’s a felony.
Someone’s gonna spend 10 years in prison.
– I have 29 votes – Russell announce Baker yet? – Not yet.
– Russell-Baker.
– It’s not a bad ticket.
– Mr.
Chairman, I have 121 votes for Vice President Robert Russell.
– Is that correct? – That is correct.
– Thank you.
– Massachusetts? – Michigan.
– How much longer? Maybe 30 minutes.
– Then what? – Then they start the second ballot and my hairline recedes another 3 inches.
– What are they doing in there? – No idea.
But I sure hope they do it fast.
I’m sorry, Eric.
I thought we’d worked all of this out.
I’ve had a number of variables to weigh over the last few days.
– Variables? – You wouldn’t believe the calls I’ve been getting.
Suggestions, advice.
– Suddenly, everyone has an opinion.
– Wanna hear my opinion? – Of course.
– You and I will make a hell of a team.
With my strength in the Midwest and West, yours in the Northeast – we’ll give Vinick-Sullivan a race.
– That’s not what the polls say.
Republicans always get a bump from their convention.
The polling will come back to earth once the folks hear our message.
Let’s put on our jackets and go make an announcement that will unite the party and start us on a road to victory this fall.
That’s a very attractive offer, Mr.
Vice President.
It’s very attractive.
Why don’t we both sleep on it see where we are in the morning.
Democrats still find themselves without – What happened? – Wants to sleep on it.
We’ll be on the fourth ballot I think he’s aiming to be on it.
Son of a bitch doesn’t wanna be VP.
He’s gonna try and get nominated from the floor.
– My network isn’t going to wait.
– It is 9:50 on the East Coast.
– Over an hour of just calling names? – Democracy in action.
Like agriculture in action, watching grass grow.
– Second ballot won’t be.
– When’s that starting? – Soon as we finish the first.
– We’ll cut to regular programming come back after the news.
You’ll be getting going.
You don’t think you owe it to the public to show them? These are public airwaves.
The public deserves to – Called cable.
They can deserve it there.
– Leo.
We’re getting floor reports somebody’s passing out hundreds of Baker placards.
Think you guys might wanna stay on air to hear Russell announce Baker – as his VP? – They’re “draft Baker” signs.
They’ll try to put Baker on the second ballot.
– Oh, God.
– You wanna cut to Law & Order now Susan, be my guest.
– Get me Pennsylvania.
– What the hell is happening? – Baker’s throwing his hat in.
– He can? – He just did.
Where’s Branigan? – His line’s busy.
– Keep trying.
– One hundred sixty-two – I have Clark on line six.
– Not now.
Someone get the congressman a phone and a list of delegates, please.
Pennsylvania swings to Baker, we lose 170 delegates? Hundred and seventy-eight.
Where in the name of all that’s holy is Pennsylvania? Branigan’s line is still busy.
– Where you going? – I’m gonna find the Pennsylvania chair and nail him to a Santos sign.
I’m not trying to be the savior of the Democratic Party.
Frankly, I don’t think this is about the Democratic Party.
I think it’s about American citizens.
Santos loses Pennsylvania to Baker, we probably lose Massachusetts, Maryland, Rhode Island.
– New York? – Yeah, maybe.
– Santos lose Florida? – No, not yet.
Hispanic delegates are gonna stick by Santos for at least another ballot.
That puts us down to 1141.
Believe me, I’m as surprised as everybody here.
It’s quite flattering.
But frankly, I’ve always been a guy who’s served this party when asked.
– Sir.
– If it’s the will of the delegates that I be the nominee Mr.
Vice President, Baker’s gonna take most of our Northeast delegates.
– How many? – Five hundred.
Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Washington state.
The Hoynes people are gonna run for cover.
I need you on the phones now.
All we need is a united force, and I think that’s what I have to offer as president of the United States.
Thought you were coming to bed.
Convention’s still going on? They haven’t finished the second ballot yet.
What are they doing? Eating their young.
Baker? Eric Baker.
– When did he get into this? – About two hours ago.
It’s a free-for-all.
I think Aaron Burr has got 20 votes.
Yeah, find me Leo McGarry, please.
– That’s not gonna happen.
– Ms.
Chairman – No, absolutely not.
– I understand that Baker – won’t do what Santos will for Jersey.
– I’ve been to Illinois 10 times in two months.
Has Russell? Baker got Massachusetts.
– He can’t promise that.
– Ann.
– I understand.
– You are not gonna be left at the altar.
You’re gonna be wearing satin at the Elvis Chapel.
– Yes.
You won’t regret it.
– Okay.
Thank you.
You won’t regret it.
You won’t.
I promise.
– We still have New Jersey.
– New Mexico is okay.
Tennessee’s leaning Baker.
Russell’s working them.
– New York? – It’s going Baker for sure.
– I can call Tandy.
– Tandy isn’t running it.
Ernie Gambelli is.
– Who’s Gambelli? – With the teachers’ union.
– North Carolina? – Somebody get me Pete Collins.
Secretary, New York casts All due respect, sir, John Hoynes is no longer in the race.
Bob Russell’s always been a friend to the mineworkers.
– Looked at his record on imports? – He absolutely supports – Well, of course he has.
– Yes, and he’ll be a friend to Tennessee.
You don’t know what he’d do as president.
– Tennessee? – Maybe.
– We got Mississippi.
– Where are we? We lost 536, picked up 285.
Santos lost 236, hasn’t picked any up.
Baker got our 536, 178 from Santos.
Looks like he’s gonna get – six or seven states from Hoynes.
– We’re still first.
– But not by much.
– Hey, we’re still breathing.
Leo McGarry wants to see us.
I have 23 votes We’re gonna be deadlocked on the second ballot.
It’s 3 a.
on the East Coast.
Networks want us to recess start the third ballot tomorrow evening in prime time.
They’re right.
We’re not getting anywhere tonight.
Will we have a chance to address the delegates tomorrow? Some of us haven’t done that yet.
So we’re agreed, then? President is flying out tomorrow hoping to address the convention on Wednesday, when we have our nominee.
And please, gentlemen, we need a nominee.
So please, somebody talk to somebody and figure this mess out before the president gets here and is forced to pick sides.
One night of this is entertaining.
Two nights, we look like idiots.
Matt Santos has 1300 Governor Eric Baker has 1341 votes.
Vice President John Hoynes has 102 votes.
As 2162 votes are required to nominate Mr.
Chairman, we do not have a nominee.
They always come in twos like they got off the Ark? They need two so one can serve as a witness.
– A witness? – Lying to an FBI agent’s a federal crime.
To convict, you gotta have a witness.
Special Agent Hansen? Kate Harper.
Toby Ziegler.
– Sir.
– This way, please.
NASA has been working around the clock but they’re still two weeks away from either civilian shuttle being ready to launch.
Commander Harper will be in soon.
Air Force Space Command can launch from Vandenberg at 2100 tomorrow.
Rendezvous with the station, make repairs and leave the astronauts until NASA gets a shuttle there.
What do we tell the press? They were able to make the repairs themselves.
And the Russian? – Marine One is waiting, sir.
– Thank you.
When do I have to give the go? If you don’t launch tomorrow, we can’t get there in time.
the Republican National Convention in Where’d the vice president go? He went to the hotel to try and sleep.
What happened to your voice? I think it was screaming at Dave Wilson for about an hour.
Maybe it was yelling at Steve Kent.
I feel like I just rerecorded Rod Stewart’s back catalog.
– Indiana? – Yeah.
And Michigan is wavering.
Told Roth we’d double the state’s Superfund cleanup sites stump like crazy for down-ticket races.
Even hinted at a subcabinet appointment.
Baker’s picking up momentum too fast.
I don’t know if we can make it to the fourth ballot.
Maybe we should reapproach Josh about the VP spot.
Russell-Santos might be looking pretty good about now.
Maybe Josh should approach us.
Santos-Russell’s looking pretty good to me about now.
Hey, I thought you were going back to the hotel for a shower.
CNN called.
They wanna set up a debate with the congressman, Russell and Baker for this afternoon.
Live, on air.
Why would we do that? Hey.
We can’t win without the teachers.
Pennsylvania’s gone, Baker’s picking up steam down south.
Russell’s got us boxed in out west.
We get the teachers, we get New York, most of New England maybe even Ohio too.
Teachers’ unions hate us.
– I gotta get Gambelli.
– You’ll never get Gambelli.
Is that a clean shirt? Give me.
Start calling our state delegations again.
– They’re probably sleeping.
– Wake them up.
New Jersey first.
Ann Matlock was getting hinky.
– And tell her what? – They stick with us next year, there’ll be people at the Department of Interior – humming “Thunder Road.
” – We’re gonna offer jobs – for delegate votes? – You want cranky delegates on Farm Service payroll or all of us doing primary research on Delaware welfare reform? Get dialing.
Teachers for Matt Santos? You kidding? Eleven percent of delegates are from teachers’ unions.
– Yeah.
Look – Teachers’ unions are to Democrats what Bibles and bunting are to Republicans: essential, nonnegotiable.
Ernie, we’ve known each other a long time.
So, what the hell makes you think you can come in here and ask for help when Santos wants to end teacher tenure? Our school system’s in crisis.
We’ve got teachers who aren’t trained in the subjects they teach, who are only showing up to pick up a check.
Raise salaries, you can recruit better people.
– You admit some teachers can be better.
– I admit their salaries can be better.
Santos wants higher salaries.
He wants more training.
– We’re all for that.
– With nothing in return? You were using us as a political punching bag.
Grab a few editorials while you were trying to make it through New Hampshire.
There is pressure for change, Ernie, and not just from editorials.
We can work together.
We can raise pay and raise standards at the same time and it’ll stop something more drastic, more punitive Than ending teacher tenure? Than doing it with nothing in return, which will be Vinick’s tack in the fall.
Santos can give Vinick a run for his money in California, Texas Florida, New York, Illinois.
Bob Russell can’t.
Eric Baker can’t.
Well, since we’re talking about something in return you want a single one of our teacher delegates to support Santos? Get him to drop this crazy assault on teacher tenure.
And get him to do it today.
I thought you were with the president.
Catching a flight this afternoon.
Finish his speech? Yeah.
Gave up trying to tailor it to a nominee.
One size fits all.
Insert name here.
They find someone who isn’t a bold fighter for America’s families I’ll buy every delegate a whiskey sour.
You need to start on a couple of POTUS speeches for Friday.
Space station? NASA can’t get the shuttle up in time for a rescue.
What about the Pentagon? The FBI is ready for you in the Roosevelt Room.
– I’ll be right in.
– Are you gonna take a lawyer? – I don’t need a lawyer.
– Take one.
Get one from Counsel.
I’ll be fine.
You said a couple of statements? One if the president decides to save them, one if he doesn’t.
You find Gambelli? Yeah.
He’s not budging.
Indiana and Michigan are going for Baker.
It’s all over CNN.
– Is it over? – Josh.
You should take a look at this.
Oh, no, thanks, Gil.
I appreciate it.
Did you tell Ned to offer New Jersey delegates federal jobs? Hear the rumors about Baker’s wife? Do we know if these people are even remotely qualified? – They have high school diplomas? – We’re not violating any laws.
Avoiding prosecution isn’t the standard I was shooting for.
Think no one working on our campaign is doing it because they want jobs? Think none of your donors will want a meeting on the lifting of some trade embargo that’d make them millions of dollars? What about Baker’s wife? – The rumors, you heard them? – The depression? It’s like the gay brother and illegitimate child.
Every politician gets rumors.
Come with orientation.
Not every politician gets hospital admittance records to go with it.
Dotty Baker was admitted twice for clinical depression.
– Where’d you get this? – Came in over the fax.
Depression’s nothing to be ashamed of, but there’s a reason presidents disclose illegitimate kids.
They’re susceptible to blackmail.
You want me to do the blackmailing? You’ve been in 40 primaries, been vetted by the public and press.
People ought to get a crack at Baker too.
– His wife isn’t running for anything.
– She gets to live in the building.
Be classified information sitting on her end table.
Afraid she’s gonna sell them for some Zoloft on 16th and D? Want this to come out now or in two days, when he’s our nominee? – I’m not doing it.
– President Bartlet didn’t reveal his MS during the campaign.
Another hidden illness – plays right into the Republican – I am not doing it! I went to see Ernie Gambelli.
Rather flip-flop on teacher tenure? Because we are one nail in the coffin away from dead.
She’s been on antidepressants for seven years.
He never mentioned it.
Should he mention every Advil she took? – Bartlet’s MS again.
– We can’t leak this.
It’s old stereotypes of mental illness.
Attack her for having consumption.
It’s his failure to disclose the depression.
This isn’t a quick hit on some It’s a brutal character assault for a story that’ll be over by tomorrow night.
We’re not trying to be judge and jury.
Get it out there, let the delegates decide.
Don’t do this.
The vice president will do it if you tell him to.
Eight hours keeps us alive through another ballot.
So after the third ballot the Democrats are still deadlocked.
How much impact do you think the revelations about Dorothy Baker’s mental health had on her husband’s bid for the nomination? It must have had some because six hours ago it seemed as if we were headed for a Baker coronation.
But it wasn’t so much about her mental health as about his failure to disclose it.
Having avoided the rigorous vetting process in the primary elections voters can’t help but wonder, “What else is Baker hiding?” Josh.
When’s the last time you slept in a bed? Overnight ratings came in.
Fifty-two million last night.
Who knew if we set our hair on fire and jumped up and down people would actually tune in to watch? You done good, kid.
The president? Yeah.
He’s gotta put a stop to this.
One more primary, we would’ve had it.
Peaked a little late, I guess.
He’s not gonna do it just because I say so, Leo.
He’s his own man.
And here I thought I found the last one.
It’s incredible, isn’t it? You ever think you’d get this far? Honestly? No, I didn’t.
You have to quit, congressman.
We have to unite behind a candidate.
Four times as many people will be watching tonight as watched Vinick at the Republican Convention.
We need these last days to put our message before the American people.
You think either of them can beat Vinick in the fall? Who knows? But you step aside for the good of the party, people won’t forget.
The president and I won’t let them.
Will I have a chance to address the convention again? Of course.
Just can’t hear him.
Try it again.
– So is he gonna step aside? – I think so.
– For Baker or Russell? – He’s hard to read.
Sitting VP should’ve kicked ass in the primaries.
Vinick’s gonna mop up the floor with Russell in November.
VPs are famous but unknown.
He’ll do better once he’s outside my shadow.
Speaker forced you to nominate Russell.
He knew he couldn’t win a general.
Baker’s a strong candidate.
This thing with his wife will blow over.
Isn’t it time you picked the successor you want, Mr.
President? Should you really be leaving this up to someone else? decorated fighter pilot, a Marine and a proud graduate of America’s Air Force Academy.
A man who will keep us strong.
And the former mayor of Houston.
A man who built bridges across different races and religions.
Sure you don’t want me to look at the speech? – I’m fine.
– I’m pretty good at Josh.
an advocate of health care, education and economic opportunity.
– Been a great ride.
– This is exactly the man.
– You want to try again sometime? – You just pick up the phone, I’ll be there.
From the great state of Texas, Congressman Matthew Santos! Santos! Santos! Santos! Santos! Santos! Santos! Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You know, I had hoped to be standing here tonight under very different circumstances.
And I have been asked by people that I respect to take this opportunity to support one of the other fine candidates who have made this race with me To help decide who our nominee will be.
But I can’t do that.
I can’t do that, because it’s not my place to decide who our nominee should be.
That decision is yours and yours alone.
There’s been a great deal made today of Governor Baker’s decision not to disclose his wife’s minor medical condition.
Many people believe he should have.
But I don’t believe Governor Baker failed to disclose it because he was ashamed or embarrassed.
I think he didn’t disclose it, because we’re the hypocrites, not the Bakers.
Because we’re all broken.
Every single one of us.
And yet we pretend that we’re not.
We all live lives of imperfection, and yet we cling to this fantasy that there’s a perfect life and that our leaders should embody it.
But if we expect our leaders to live on a higher moral plane than the rest of us well, we’re just asking to be deceived.
It’s been suggested to me this week that I should try to buy your support with jobs and the promise of access.
It’s been suggested to me that party unity is more important than your democratic rights as delegates.
Santos! Santos! Santos! That’s right.
It’s not.
And you have a decision to make.
Don’t vote for us because you think we’re perfect.
Don’t vote for us because of what we might be able to do for you only.
Vote for the person who shares your ideals, your hopes, your dreams.
Vote for the person who most embodies what you believe we need to keep our nation strong and free.
And when you have done that you can go back to Seattle and Boston, to Miami to Omaha, to Tulsa and Chicago and Atlanta with your head held high and say, “I am a member of the Democratic Party.
” From Matt Santos, an unexpected defense of a vanquished rival.
See if you can find Josh, huh? Manna from the heavens for these delegates.
This is a waste of time.
He’s virtually anti-teacher.
Making me sit down with your guy isn’t going to change my mind.
Who said you were sitting down with my guy? Mr.
President? You remember Ernie Gambelli from the teachers’ union.
How do you do, sir? Mr.
Secretary, New York casts Mr.
Chairman, I have 284 votes for Congressman Matthew Santos.
Is that? Hey, what are you doing here? You ought to be down on the floor, celebrating with your guys.
– We still gotta line up a VP.
– You ask Baker? Yeah, he begged off.
– Doesn’t wanna put his wife through it.
– I guess Russell isn’t on the shortlist.
That was a nonstarter with the congressman.
Want me to help work up a list? No, we got it narrowed down to the guy we want.
I’m just not sure he’s gonna accept.
You want the president to push your guy along? I called the president.
Said he’d kick the guy’s ass all over the schoolyard if it came to that.
So who is it? You.
And Congressman Matthew Santos wins with 2751 votes.
We now have a nominee! Think Santos stands a chance against Vinick in the fall? He’s gonna get killed.
It wasn’t Kelwick.
From NASA.
He wasn’t the leak.
Nobody over there was.
Too many of the technical details were wrong.
Didn’t have to close the door to tell me that.
The FBI thinks it came from inside the West Wing.
They have a theory.
One you’re not gonna like.
– You all right? – I’m okay today, really.
unparalleled leadership toward a strong and a free America.
Friends, fellow Democrats, it is an honor to introduce to you the man at the heart of this extraordinary achievement for ordinary Americans.
Our president, our commander, still the leader of our Democratic Party President Josiah Bartlet! Thank you.
It’s been an honor to serve you for the past eight years.
Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! And now it gives me a great pleasure to introduce to you the leaders of our party and the next president and vice president of these United States Matthew Vincente Santos and Leo Thomas McGarry!
Okay. Let’s go win this thing.

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